What is AMSA Global Health?

AMSA Global Health is the Australian Medical Students’ Association’s (AMSA) largest committee, serving members from 22 Global Health Groups (GHGs) across Australian medical schools. AMSA Global Health Representatives from these GHGs form the AMSA Global Health Forum, which gathers twice a year. AMSA Global Health is overseen by an Executive, elected annually, and a wider Management Team.

Global Health

Global health is becoming increasingly more relevant, subsequently garnering widespread popularity and support through both the global health advocates within our the medical education space and the general public. AMSA Global Health seeks to provide a platform to inspire meaningful conversation, action change in the sphere of global health, both locally and nationally.

AMSA Global Health seeks to connect, inspire, and empower medical students to effect change towards global health equity through tangible, unified, responsible, and sustainable action.

As a valuable platform for global health advocates, AMSA Global Health has seen increasing engagement with our initiatives including our biannual Forums, education and capacity building programs, social media, and our four issue-specific advocacy projects:

Reaching thousands of medical students, junior doctors and passionate global health advocates of the nation,, AMSA Global Health envisions through our initiatives, the opportunity to promote, educate and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Vision and Mission

AMSA Global Health has an ambitious set of strategic objectives that direct the focus of our activities. These statements were updated in 2017 under the direction of AMSA Global Health Council.


Sustainable, universal and equitable health for all.


To engage, represent and empower medical students to take effective action on global health.

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