AMSA Code Green

Who are we?

AMSA Code Green is AMSA’s climate change & health project. We provide a platform for medical students to engage with environmental advocacy, and fight for the health of our planet and the people who depend on it.

Our Aims

We aim to inspire, engage and educate Australian medical students on all things related to the environment and health.

Education: providing information on the connections between climate change and health, and a doctor’s role in this changing climate

Advocacy: representing the views of Australian medical students in the climate health sphere

Inspiration: providing opportunities for upskilling and collaboration to inspire med students to engage with the climate health discussion and take action.

The Environment and Health

A healthy environment is essential for human health and well-being. Environmental factors such as access to safe drinking water and air pollution contribute to nearly a quarter of deaths worldwide, and climate change has been described by the Lancet as the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. For these reasons, it is essential that current and future doctors advocate for the health of the planet, as well as that of its future patients.

To learn more about links between the environment and human health, visit AMSA Code Green’s Climate Health Short Course.

What can I do?

We are all about tangible action within the space of climate health. If you have ever had a passion for change in this area, and don’t know where to start, here is a couple of steps to help you in starting your journey to a greener, more sustainable and brighter future:

  • Divesting from fossil fuels (check out this medical students’ guide to divestment for more info)!
  • Learning more about planetary health — begin with the links below!
  • Being more sustainable in your day-to-day life — the ABC series War on Waste is a great place for tips to get you started!
  • Sign up to & volunteer with climate health organisations like Doctors for the Environment Australia and the Climate and Health Alliance.
  • Talk to your family and friends about the links between the climate and health!

Get involved!

We’re an awesome bunch and we’d love to have you on board. There are so many ways to stay in the loop, so don’t be a stranger and get involved!

  1. Follow us on Facebook for information, events and the occasional dank meme.
  2. Get in touch with the Code Green & AMSA Global Health reps at your med school for local projects and initiatives! (If you don’t know who that is at your uni, feel free to email us or message our Facebook page).
  3. Come find us at AMSA Global Health events! The Code Green team will be lurking at all AMSA GH councils and conventions, and we’re always keen for chat — we’re friendly, we promise!  
  4. Email us! We’d love to hear your ideas, comments & suggestions. We’re at
  5. Subscribe to the AMSA Code Green network to stay in the loop 

Further reading

Here are some of our ideas for where you can go to learn more about climate change, the environment and human health!

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