AMSA Global Health Conference

Starting off in 2005, AMSA’s Global Health Conference has grown every year highlighting the passion and enthusiasm medical students from across the nation have for Global Health. Our vision is to create a conference where delegates leave inspired and connected, with the skills to advocate and enact change.

GHC 2020 – Gold Coast

August 21-25

We believe that global health is a dynamic, multifactorial process, where outcomes are dependent on ingrained systemic biases and ideologies that perpetuate the existing conditions. As medical students, it is important to look at these systems with an analytical mindset that is respectful of the cultural history surrounding many of these beliefs. We will endeavour to highlight this ethical, political, and medical dynamic, by showcasing the humanities of Global Health in our GHC. A GHC where the human experience is at the forefront, in order to remind us that there is a person behind every global health issue. We intend on presenting medical students with a unique opportunity to explore the depths of medicine beyond the wards. Our team truly believes that GHC is integral to every medical student’s journey, and we are dedicated to creating a memorable and extraordinary experience for all delegates. We aspire to shed light on global needs and assist delegates to reflect on their relationship with Global Health, while understanding that every individual is at a different stage of their journey, and cater to this through offering a diverse program.

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