International Representation

AMSA Global Health is charged with engaging with a range of international organisations, and representing AMSA on a global level.

Our engagement revolves around the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) as well as its exchanges programs.

Calls for delegations to meetings of the IFMSA are open in the months prior to these events. 

The best way to ensure you don’t miss out is to join the public Facebook group AMSA International Opportunities

International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA)

AMSA Global Health, through its official membership within the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), has established a strong international presence. Think “AMSA of the World”, with representative associations, called ‘National Member Organisations (NMO)’ from various countries’ medical schools.


IFMSA and AMSA Global Health

In the past few years AMSA Global Health and its volunteers have had a strong presence in the biannual General Assemblies hosted by the IFMSA. From Montenegro to Malta, Tanzania to Mexico and most recently Egypt, AMSA Global Health has not only attended but participated and been recognised internationally for our advocacy and activities back home.

Furthermore, AMSA Global Health has been honoured through the award of the Red Crossly Award (2016) to our project,  AMSA Code Green for global impact. Not to mention, our Kangaroo and Koala outfits have always been a crowd favourite among many countries during the General Assemblies!

AMSA Global Health also has had a strong external representation internationally, with our policy commissions producing policy and advocacy that has been recognised by the WHO and the UN. Many volunteers from AMSA Global Health have also attended honourable events such as the WHO’s World Health Assembly, and even been the Chair for organising the Pre-World Health Assembly.

There has never been a better time to get involved internationally through AMSA Global Health. With a surplus of activities, information sessions, and events across the world that AMSA volunteers can attend!

Professional Exchange

The Professional Exchange program organised by IFMSA facilitates clinical exchanges between medical students from more than 90 countries. As a member of IFMSA, AMSA Global Health offers Australian medical students this fantastic opportunity to experience healthcare in another culture as well as organising local hospital placements for incoming students from abroad. These two branches are coordinated by NEO Outgoing and Incoming officer respectively. (Contact details below)

The NEOs work closely with the rest of the AMSA Global Health Management Team and  Local Exchange Officers (LEOs) at University of Melbourne, UNSW and UWA to promote and coordinate the exchange programs at teaching hospitals attached to these universities. The NEOs also actively seek out opportunities to establish new Local Exchange Committees at other Australian universities, solidifying and building relationships with student societies across the country.

Every year, the NEOs liaise with IFMSA members across the world to negotiate and sign the contracts that allow Australian medical students to pursue exchanges abroad. At the IFMSA General Assemblies (GA) held twice a year (held in Hurghada, Egypt and Montreal, Canada this year!), IFMSA members are able to discuss issues specific to their programs and global health issues, as well as working with each other to develop new ideas and implement projects. Keep an eye out for upcoming GA details!

Finally, our aim is not only to facilitate clinical exchanges, but also to create opportunities for medical students to broaden their horizons about how cultural differences may influence healthcare, and promoting long-lasting connections between medical students and health professions.


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