AMSA Global Health Structure




AMSA is a public company limited by guarantee. It consists of an AMSA Board, the National Executive and Members of the company. Board Members are Directors of the company, and the Members of the company are the AMSA Representatives from each Medical School.

AMSA Committees report directly to the AMSA Council. Committees are responsible for directly administering aspects of specific operations. Committees are headed by a chair and currently consist of:

  • AMSA Global Health 
  • AMSA Medical Education
  • AMSA Rural Health
  • AMSA International Students’ Network
  • AMSA History Committee


AMSA Global Health


AMSA Global Health represents over 17,000 medical students around Australia who are interested in global health issues. We are a committee of AMSA.



Global Health Groups


Each of Australia’s twenty medical schools has a global health group. These ‘GHGs’ run activities and campaigns at a local level. To get involved with your local GHG, contact your local AMSA Global Health Representative. A list of representatives are listed below:

  • Australian National University: EnSign
  • Deakin University: UHAD
  • University of Tasmania: IMPACT
  • University of Melbourne: Global Health Collective
  • Monash University: Ignite
  • University of Notre Dame Sydney: Global Hands
  • University of Newcastle: Wake Up
  • University of Sydney: Global HOME
  • University of New South Wales: MSAP
  • University of New England: ASPIRE
  • Wollongong University: WUHOW
  • University of Western Australia: Interhealth
  • University of Notre Dame Fremantle: MSAND
  • University of Queensland: TIME
  • Bond University: MAD
  • Griffith University: H4H
  • James Cook University: SANTE
  • Western Sydney University: GHAWS
  • Adelaide University: Insight
  • Flidners University: HHRG


AMSA Global Health Council


Each GHG appoints an individual to represent them at a national level. Together these 20 AMSA Global Health Representatives make up the AMSA Global Health Council. The council meets twice yearly – once in March and October (alongside AMSA Council).


AMSA Global Health Executive


The Global Health Council is responsible for electing a national executive of AMSA Global Health for a year. The executive is responsible for managing the various projects and activities as well as setting the strategic direction of AMSA Global Health


AMSA Global Health  Management Team


This committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of AMSA Global Health. They coordinate a variety of national projects, and campaign on issues relevant to all Australian medical students. The management team is divided into various streams:



(Managed by Vice Chair External)

Global Health Advocacy Team

AMSA Code Green

AMSA Crossing Borders

AMSA Reproductive Rights


Capacity and Engagement

(Managed by Vice Chair Operations and Treasury)

Education Officer

Training Officer

IT Officer

Publicity Officer

Sponsorship and Partnerships



(Managed by Vice Chair International)

IFMSA National Exchange Officers


Global Health Events



AMSA Global Health works closely with the Global Health Conference team. This year AMSA GHC will take place in Melbourne in August, and promises to be 5 days of thought-provoking and inspiring workshops on the many different sides of global health.

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