Vector Journal

Vector Journal



Vector Journal is the student-run, peer-reviewed medical journal for AMSA Global Health. Each issue contains articles various topics of global health importance, including communicable and non-communicable diseases, refugee health, climate health, sexual and reproductive health, global surgery, child health, disasters and humanitarian crises and human rights.

We’re always welcome to submissions, so send your work our way and we’ll see what we can do together. To find out more about Vector Journal and how to get involved visit Vector Journal’s new dedicated website



Vector is the official publication for AMSA Global Health.  Our vision is for medical students to be interested and actively involved in academic writing in global health.




Our mission is to produce a high quality peer-reviewed academic journal that is dedicated to the needs and interests of medical students.  Perhaps more importantly, we aim to provide a platform for medical students to participate in the publication process, and as such, feel empowered to continue sharing their knowledge and opinions in global health through academic writing in the future.



Vector Journal’s primary objectives are to:

  • Be a professional and peer-reviewed academic journal
  • Provide a platform for medical students to participate in academic writing
  • Empower medical students to feel confident in participating in academic writing now and in the future

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