AMSA Global Health represents the thousands of medical students around Australia who are interested in global health issues. We are a committee of the AMSA.


Global Health Groups

Each of Australia’s twenty medical schools has a global health group. These “GHGs” run activities and campaigns at a local level. To get involved with your local GHG, contact your local AMSA Global Health Representative.


AMSA Global Health Council

Each of Australia’s 20 GHGs appoints a person to represent them at a national level. Together these 20 AMSA Global Health Representatives make up the AMSA Global Health Council.

Council meets twice yearly – once in March (alongside AMSA Council), and once before the Global Health Conference in August/September.


AMSA Global Health Management Team

This Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of AMSA Global Health. They coordinate a variety of national projects, and campaign on issues relevant to all Australian medical students. You can contact the Co-Chairs (in 2016, Erin Clarke and Bethany Holt) of the Management Team via


AMSA Global Health Conference

GHC is a yearly event run in August/September by a committee external to AMSA Global Health. The AMSA Global Health Chair is in consistent contact with the GHC Convenor to coordinate and promote all global health activities within AMSA.

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