What is AMSA Global Health?

AMSA Global Health is a Committee of the Australian Medical Students’ Association, dedicated to advancing the global health interests of Australian medical students.


What is the AMSA Global Health Committee?

AMSA Global Health is the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA)’s largest committee. As the peak representative body for the global health interests of Australian medical students, AMSA Global Health coordinates AMSA’s global health-related advocacy and engagement activities.

Australian medical students’ interest in global health has never been greater. In 2015, AMSA is more culturally diverse, and health is more globally connected than it has ever been. In this context, AMSA Global Health seeks to help Australian medical students develop meaningful skills required to work as global citizens now and into their careers.

Global health within AMSA is a community that attracts a diversity of holistic and engaged individuals. As such, we coordinate a range of activities and advocacy initiatives that foster medical students’ wide-ranging skills and talents.

AMSA Global Health is locally represented by twenty global health groups (GHGs) at each Australian medical school.



Sustainable, universal and equitable health for all



To engage, represent and empower medical students to take effective action on global health


About AMSA

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is the peak representative body for Australian medical students.

The key mandate of the Association is to connect, inform and represent every one of Australia’s 17,000 medical students.

To find out more about AMSA, and to get involved, please visit the website.



Early Stages

At medical schools across Australia, students have long been engaged in global health. Prior to 2004 students participated in elective programs, ran fundraising initiatives, advocacy campaigns and many more innovative activities. At many medical schools, students had come together to form special interest groups (Global Health Groups).

By 2004, a national conversation on ‘developing world medicine’ had begun. Medical students wanted to explore how they could further enhance their understanding and involvement in the issues surrounding health worldwide. In July 2005 the inaugural Developing World Conference was conference was held, to transform this talk into action.


AMSA Global Health emerges

Global Health Groups throughout Australia soon recognised the potential for collaboration, resource sharing and networks, and came together as the AMSA Developing World Group. The AMSA Developing World Group has since been renamed several times (including as the AMSA International Health Network and the AMSA Global Health Network) prior to adopting its present name of AMSA Global Health.

The Developing World Conference has similarly been renamed to the Global Health Conference (GHC). The term ‘global health’ seeks to highlight the health-related issues that transcend national boundaries to shape health in both the developing and developed world, including social, environmental, economic, political and cultural forces; and that the solutions may involve stakeholders outside traditional international state players.

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