Arnab Ghosh (University of Melbourne, 2007)

Current job title: Healthcare Associate, McKinsey&Co

Areas of interest: Refugee and asylum seeker health, Health Systems and Policy, Emergency and/or Disaster medicine, Public health and Epidemiology

What are you doing now?
Helping implement Obamacare in provider and payor space in the USA

What did you do after finishing medical school?
ER reg, physicians training in the US, worked for the UN, joined McKinsey as a healthcare consultant

What was your ‘big break’?
Working at the UN on HIV/AIDS global strategy in peacekeeping missions for the Millenium Development Summit 2010

Where are you headed/what’s your dream job? Are you in it now?
Public Healthcare Policy in the USA

What did you study that has helped you (during or since medical school)?
Masters in International Development, Physicians training with concentration in quantitative methodologies, Masters in Anthropology and Sociology

Top tips for students interested in a similar global health pathway?
Find what interests you, what you care about, and become an expert in it

When I’m not doing global health, you’ll find me…
On Broadway watching as many plays and musicals as I can

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