Bharat Ramakrishna (University of Melbourne, 2013)

Areas of interest: Climate change and health, Refugee and asylum seeker health, NCDs, Infectious diseases, Health Systems and Policy, Child health, Mental health, Access to Essential Medicines, Health and technology, Emergency and/or Disaster medicine, Public health and Epidemiology

What are you doing now?
Doing internal medicine training in Victoria
Working/volunteering with the local refugee health service and related advocacy organisations
Working with an overseas development charity (Community Based Health Project)
Pursuing interests in health technology and health anthropology

What did you do after finishing medical school?
Clinical medicine
Some further study

What was your ‘big break’?
Being born into a supportive family, with secure social safety nets including welfare, free education and public health care, and having loving friends.

Where are you headed/what’s your dream job? Are you in it now?
Biotechnology, entrepreneurship and not-for-profit work

What did you study that has helped you (during or since medical school)?
Interest reading in community models of healthcare, multiple public health resources, biostatistics and maths resources, literature, and some post-graduate certificates in leadership and technology

Top tips for students interested in a similar global health pathway?
“Positive thinking is a force multiplier”

When I’m not doing global health, you’ll find me…
Cycling, running, swimming, writing, reading or meditating

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