Chavy Arora (Monash University, 2015)


Current job title: Intern

Areas of interest: Women’s Health, Climate change and health, Infectious diseases, Public health, Gender equity

What are you doing now?
My medical internship at Monash Health and training for Melbourne (half) marathon.

What did you do after finishing medical school / university studies?
I went straight into my internship!

What was your ‘big break’?
Being selected to do my BMedSc in Bioethics at the Oxford Uehiro Centre – this gave me the opportunity to explore global health learning in the UK and Switzerland, and led to a WHO Internship in Geneva the following year. It also re-calibrated my entire perspective on global problems we are currently faced with. My life-changing exposure to global health, however, was at the five GHCs I attended over the years and through involvement with Ignite Global Health Group and AMSA Global Health – being in the company of like-minded individuals is invaluable and it truly shaped my personal development throughout my medical degree.

Where are you headed / What’s your dream job? Are you in it now?
I have no idea. I envision a combination of being a physician, bioethicist, economist, and public health enthusiast.

What did you study that has helped you (during or since medical school)?
Spending a year doing Bioethics provided me with a fantastic framework for philosophical analysis, which I apply in my daily life. I’m also currently doing a BSc of Development and Economics, which is brilliant in feeding my public health appetite.

Top tip for students interested in a similar global health pathway?
Engage with the people and issues around you – read the news, the Lancet, the Economist, and whatever else tickles your fancy. Be a personal advocate for the issues you care about with your peers, family, etc. It might not be the pathway for everyone, but I’d suggest getting involved with your local Global Health Group to be surrounded by like-minded people, and keep an eye out for opportunities to further develop your skills/interests.

When I am not doing global health you’ll find me…
Enjoying some wine and cheese in the park. Or working…

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