Jemma Hogan (University of Notre Dame, 2015)

Current job title: Intern

Areas of interest: Women’s Health, HIV and Sexual health, Health Systems and Policy, Child health, Health and technology, LGBTIQ health, Public health and Epidemiology

What are you doing now?
Working at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, being an Intern Rep on the Charlies RMO Society committee, writing articles for the Medicus (AMA WA Magazine), doing Aerial Yoga and dancing in my spare time

What did you do after finishing medical school?
I’m currently completing a Diploma in Child Health with the view towards a career in Paediatrics/Neonatology. I’m also attending an international congress on Paediatrics in Vancouver, Canada in August which I’m pretty excited about! Being involved in AMSA Global Health I always thought it was great that there were so many opportunities to be involved in national and international global health conferences. I’m looking forward to continuing my engagement with global health when I head to Vancouver and becoming informed on the global issues surrounding Paediatrics.

What was your ‘big break’?
I think my involvement with global health started when I became involved with Red Party in my first year of Medicine. I was so impressed by the initiative and professionalism shown by all the students involved and that the money being raised was going to such a good cause. AMSA Global Health was just taking off at the time and a few friends encouraged me to apply for a job on the committee and my love for global health just grew from there!

Where are you headed/what’s your dream job? Are you in it now?
I think Paediatrics is where I’m headed in the long term. I’m currently still interning so I have a little while to go before I get there (or probably decide on my path completely!). Ideally I’d like to do something with disadvantaged populations in the public health spectrum or work in some rural/outer metro areas where less services normally go.

What did you study that has helped you (during or since medical school)?
I really enjoyed the lecture series UWA puts on each year called the Global Health Short Course- its open to anyone in WA to attend and I found it really worthwhile. I also really loved the training workshops each year surrounding AMSA Global Health Council and during the Global Health conference. I encourage everyone to get involved!

Top tips for students interested in a similar global health pathway?
– Don’t be afraid to put your hand up for a role. You might get turned down but you never know unless you try… and if you apply again everyone will remember how keen you were last time !
– Find something you are passionate about and just run with it.
– Don’t care what anyone else thinks- I know this sounds cliche but sometimes people become so absorbed in others opinions they lose sight of what they really want for themselves.

When I’m not doing global health, you’ll find me…
At work (haha life is so exciting when you’re a doctor!)

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