Martin Seneviratne (University of Sydney, 2014)

Current job title: Resident

Areas of interest: Health Systems and Policy, Health and technology, Public health and Epidemiology

What are you doing now?
Resident at RPA, CTO of a health app startup, working in policy/governance with the National e-Health Transition Authority

What did you do after finishing medical school?
Internship and residency! But doing a lot of work on health tech ventures with the George Institute for Global Health and a private startup company.

What was your ‘big break’?
A startup accelerator program at university that exposed me to the world of entrepreneurship

Where are you headed/what’s your dream job? Are you in it now?
Physician-informaticist using machine learning to make health systems more efficient

What did you study that has helped you (during or since medical school)?
Undergrad in computational physics

Top tips for students interested in a similar global health pathway?
Join a startup accelerator program – best way to learn about technology and medicine is to try developing something!

When I’m not doing global health, you’ll find me…
Hostel hopping

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