AMSA Global Health Forum

formerly known as Council

Our next AMSA Global Health Forum will be held in Brisbane 13-15
September 2019

AMSA Global Health Forum are meetings occuring twice annually that warmly welcomes anyone interested in learning more about global health. Attendees have always been a great source of energy and ideas, so we encourage anyone with an interest in global health, especially those involved with their University’s Global Health Group, to come along! It is particularly valuable for students who aspire to join our Management Team the following year.  

Attendees will benefit from participating in discussions between Global Health Groups in working groups, as well as a wide variety of training  activities held throughout the two days. It is an excellent opportunity for upskilling and befriending like-minded Global Health-lings.

For more information about AMSA Global Health Forum (dates, locations, transport and more) or other AMSA Global Health events, follow our Facebook page or signup to our monthly bulletin.

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