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Nathan Chua

Vice-Chair International

Jasper Lin

Vice-Chair Operations

Anna Kelly

Vice-Chair External

RJ Seastres

National Coordinators

Pip Campbell-Ross and Helena Qian


Winston Dzau


Management Team


Capacity Stream


Education Officer

Anna Traill

IT Officer

Ricky Le

Publicity Officer

Taran Giddey

Training Officer

Dan Lindholm


Engagement Stream


Sponsorship and Partnerships Officers

Francesca Sasanelli and Ricky Le

Vector Editor-in-Chief

Aidan Tan


Activities Stream


Global Health Policy Officer

Rewena Mahesh

AMSA Code Green Project Coordinators

Georgia Behrens and Katherine Middleton

AMSA Crossing Borders Project Coordinator

Adele Evans

AMSA Reproductive Rights Project Coordinators

Anna Marie Plant and Tom Hart

AMSA Healthy Communities Project Coordinator

Concetta Masterson


Justine Thomson


International Stream


National Exchange Officers

Anne Jian and Megan Smith-Uffen

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