Get Involved!

Opportunities within AMSA Global Health

Interested in getting more involved with AMSA Global Health and its day to day business?

You can choose from:

  • Join your local Global Health Group – contact your AMSA Representative, AMSA Global Health Representative or Global Health Group Executive to find out more about policies, events, promotions and more
  • Nominate to become your medical school’s AMSA Global Health Representative – contact your AMSA Global Health representative or local medsoc to find out about the nomination process
  • Be part of next year’s AMSA Global Health executive or management team – call outs will be posted later in the year
  • Join AMSA Global Health projects at your local university: AMSA Code Green, AMSA Crossing Borders and AMSA Reproductive Rights.

The Bulletin

If you are interested in any of the options above and cannot wait to kickstart your AMSA Global Health journey, the best way to stay up to date and get involved with our events, call-outs, promotions, initiatives is to subscribe to our mailing list: The Bulletin.


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