Global Health Conference

Global Health Conference was established in 2005 by the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA). Every year we attract hundreds of delegates from all over Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region to engage with key global health issues.

GHC is renowned for the high calibre of its inspiring Academic Program, with past speakers including prominent names such as Julian Assange and His Excellency José Ramos-Horta. The Academic Program is perfectly complemented by the incredible Social Program which enables our delegates to meet like minded individuals in a fun and creative setting.

So, what is this Global Health Conference all about? Our Vice Chair Operations, Alma Corker, has written a quick recap of all the highlights from the 2016 Global Health Conference in Newcastle!


How time flies when you’re having fun! Five days jam-packed with all things global health and a little social on the side. This was my second GHC and Newcastle certainly did not disappoint! There are too many highlights to discuss them all but some standouts included hearing from the QC, Julian Burnside, regarding the many atrocities faced by those seeking asylum in Australia, learning perineal repair techniques, a refugee and asylum seeker panel discussion that included Professor David Isaacs, Alannah Maycock, David Manne and medical student, Emmanuel Ndayisaba. Khadija Gbla discussed female genital mutilation and the necessity of doctors to screen for it, while I was left short of breath and teary as Dr Kathleen Thomas discussed the horrors she faced as an eyewitness to the Kudzu Trauma Centre Bombing by US Forces in 2015.  All things were not bleak as Dr Sudhvir Singh ensured us that you can still be involved in advocating for your global health passions (e.g. winning campaigns for better transport, satisfying his inner greenie) and being a kick-ass doctor. If you weren’t already hyped up from all the fantastic speakers, it couldn’t get any better than ending on the legendary Anh Doh! I would like to congratulate the NewGHC team on a fantastic week that left me wanting more – can’t wait to see y’all in Adelaide next year!

Words by Alma Corker

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