Our Initiatives

AMSA Global Health Initiatives


With increasing interest from Australian medical students and professionals alike we have seen a rapid growth in our initiatives and their effects. These initiatives are used to engage and upskill medical students and other interested parties to become current and future advocates for all things global health. A brief snapshot of the opportunities provided by AMSA Global Health include:

  • Training workshops at our Global Health Councils
  • Global health education and leadership development through our premier educational symposium AMSA Global Health Intensive
  • Online global health education opportunities to supplement medical curricula
  • Advocacy in the areas of refugee health, climate change, sexual and reproductive health as well as non-communicable diseases
  • Australian representation on the world stage through the initiatives of the International Federation of Medical Students’, the United Nations, as well as the World Health Organisation






The advocacy work of AMSA Global Health is mainly implemented through its Global Health Projects, namely:

  • AMSA Crossing Borders, which focuses on refugee and asylum seeker health (to find more about AMSA Crossing Borders, click here)
  • AMSA Code Green, which focuses on the effects of climate change on health (to find more about AMSA Code Green, click here)
  • AMSA Reproductive Rights, which focuses on equitable sexual and reproductive health (to find more about AMSA Reproductive Rights, click here)
  • AMSA Non-Communicable Diseases launching soon

To find out more about these projects, please click on their respective links above.


Education and Training


AMSA Global Health provides many educational and training opportunities for global health-minded medical students, such as the 

  • The biannual AMSA Global Health National Councils
  • The annual Global Health Intensive education program
  • The biannual peer-reviewed journal called Vector (to find more about Vector, click here)
  • AMSA Academy- to be relaunched in 2018


International Representation



As an official member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), AMSA Global Health has a strong and recognised external representation on the wider international medical community. Our policies, advocacy work, and projects have been frequently recognised by the WHO and UN, with a biannual AMSA Global Health delegation participating at the General Assembly.

For more information on how to get involved, visit our website and like our Facebook page. Otherwise, you can contact the AMSA Global Health Chair, Nathan Chua, at nathan.chua@amsa.org.au.

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