AMSA Global Health Sponsorship and Partnerships


AMSA Global Health relies on the generous support of local and national companies to develop our events and activities. With the aim of developing the next generation of both medical doctors and global health leaders, we are seeking to work with brands who we believe share our passion for global health and desire to make an impact.


Message from the AMSA Global Health Sponsorship and Partnership Team



Global health is becoming increasingly more relevant, subsequently garnering widespread popularity and support through both the global health advocates within our network and the general public. For AMSA Global Health, this has been reflected in the increasing engagement with our initiatives including our biannual national councils, education programs, social media and projects (AMSA Code Green for climate health, AMSA Reproductive Rights for sexual and reproductive health, AMSA Crossing Borders for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health). Reaching thousands of medical students, junior doctors and passionate global health advocates of the nation through our initiatives, AMSA Global Health offers a unique platform to promote, educate and inspire the next generation of leaders within this space.

In 2018, AMSA Global Health has taken the initiative to re-evaluate and revise our sponsorship and partnership opportunities in order to boost the value of your brand and increase the valuable opportunities for the mutual benefit of our brands. Your brand will have to exclusively access and engage with passionate and determined medical students who are currently shaping their path towards becoming world-class medical and global health leaders. A partnership with AMSA Global Health allows you to influence and make an impact on the roads that these future leaders chose to follow.


AMSA Global Health Sponsorship Prospectus 2018


As each brand is unique, we have designed this prospectus to provide multiple platforms, initiatives and areas to align with your interests. We warmly invite you to explore this prospectus in order to identify opportunities with AMSA Global Health which will compliment your brand.


[gview file=”http://globalhealth.amsa.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AMSA-Global-Health-Prospectus-2018-FINAL.pdf”]


We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, negotiations or new ideas.





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